Q. How do I print multiple slides from a PowerPoint on 1 page?



Printing Multiple Slides from a PowerPoint on 1 Page


1.Click the File tab on PowerPoint. In the left hand column, select the Print box. 

2. Select how many copies you want. If you do not adjust the number, PowerPoint     will automatically print 1 copy.

3. Select the printer you want to use.

*Note: It is important to review which printer you have selected; some printers cost money to use. For example, there is a $.25 charge for each page printed on the color printer in the library. Even if you accidentally send your document to these printers, you will be expected to cover the cost of the print job. Some computers may also link to multiple printers. Be sure to select the printer that works best for you.

4. Select which slides you want to print. If you do not specify a certain range in the Slides box, PowerPoint will automatically print the entire slideshow.

5. Select how you want your slides displayed when you print them. PowerPoint is pre-set to Full Page Slides, which prints each slide on a separate piece of paper. This is a poor printing option if you want to use the printed slides for note-taking in class.

  • Clicking the drop-down arrow on this box will open up the options you have for printing multiple slides.


  •  The option labeled Notes Page will print typed speaker notes from the PowerPoint. It does not include lines for notes, however, and prints just 1 slide per page.
  •  The 3 Slide option will print 3 slides per page and include lines for note taking next to each of the slides. Many students find this option to be very useful.
  • You can print as many as 9 slides on a page. Some students prefer to do this and take notes in a separate place. Be mindful, however, that the more slides on a page, the smaller and more difficult they can be to read.

6. Select Print On Both Sides to print double-sided pages. Some printers do not have this as an option, but many of the larger printers on campus will allow you to do this. This saves paper and makes it easier to keep track of notes!


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