Q. How do I increase the size of a file my students can upload for an assignment?


Changing the maximum size of an upload for an assignment:

When you create an assignment on Moodle, you are prompted to select the maximum document size your students will be able to upload for sumbission. Many professors chose to select smaller sizes if they want to prevent their students from sumbitting a 20-page document for an assignment that was designed to be a 2 page essay. Moodle will also slow down if you allow massive sumbissions in classes with a lot of students, so it is best to choose wisely what size file you'd like your students to submit. Your options are 1MB, 500KB, 100KB, 50KB, 10KB, and 20MB. 

The average research paper is usually 15-25KB.  The average Powerpoint presentation may be a few hundred or a few thousand KB, however. Images tend to take up a lot of space, so if you're requiring your students to upload a file that includes images, you may want to be sure the Sumbission Size option is set to a larger one. The maximum file upload size that moodle supports is 20MB.

If your students are having a hard time sumbitting their documents because their files exceed the limit, but you do not mind the files being big, you may want to increase the upload limit on your assignment by simply selecting another size in the dropdown box under Maximum Submission Size. 

Click here to see a step-by-step tutorial on adding assignments and adjusting settings. 


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