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How do I cite in-text?

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2012  |  12 Views

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In addition to a Bibliography or References page, you should always use in-text citations in your papers. In-text citations help to distinguish what idea in your paper came directly from you, and what ideas came from another author. These types of citations follow this formula:

Introductory phrase, information from your source (Citation).

Example: According to one researcher, music therapy helps to calm the nervous system (Smith, 2010). 

If you use the exact words an author uses, you will need to use quotation marks. If you are summarizing the author's information, you will not need quotation marks around the information from your source.

The exact kind of citation that will follow the information from your source will change based on what kind of format you're using for your paper. Click the following links to find out more about citing in-text for different formats:

MLA Format

APA Format

Chicago Manual Style (CMS) Format (Use footnotes instead of (Name,date) format at the end of a citation).

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