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Why are assignments in Moodle sometimes submitted as drafts?

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2012  |  1275 Views
Topics: Moodle

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"Draft" mode indicates that certain features of a dropbox have been enabled to make submission a two-step process: uploading and submitting.  It can be helpful to allow the students to upload their work in stages, but it does present some issues when students do not follow through to fully submit their work.

Students:  If you see that your assignments is in "draft" mode, you have uploaded your document without submitting it to your instructor. Your instructor is able to see that you have indeed uploaded something, but he/she is unable to access your work.  You need to go back into the dropbox and hit the "submit for marking" button in order to fully submit your assignment to your instructor for scoring.  If the dropbox is closed and you are unable to get back to your work, contact your professor or a Moodle administrator (

Instructors:  Instead of seeing a link to the assignment in the "Last modified submission" column, you may see word "Draft" with a timestamp.  This occurs when you create an Advanced Uploading of Files dropbox and do not disable the "send for marking" feature.  This shows you that the student has uploaded work but failed to hit the "submit for marking" button that gives you the ability to view their work.  To fix the draft problem, have your students go back to the assignment and hit the "Send for Marking" button (this may require you to reopen the dropbox if it had been closed).  In the future, you have the ability when creating the dropbox to disable this feature; this will make all student uploads officially "turned in" to you without the extra "send for marking" step. If you have questions, please feel free to contact a Moodle administrator (

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